Presenting, re:Quinnvent


AWS re:Invent (AWS’s own version of Cloud Next) has historically been a fantastic sponsorship opportunity that filled sales pipelines for most of Q1. Now due to These Unprecedented Times, the conference is becoming an 18-day online-only event.

You’ve got to get in front of prospects! You have two options:

  1. Hope that AWS will realize that they need to help their partners out and launch a fully-featured equivalent to their Expo Hall, then drive people to visit it during the online event that they will no doubt deliver flawlessly and with stellar production values.
  2. Face the reality that this is incredibly likely to be a pig’s breakfast, and instead sponsor the Last Week in AWS companion to this travesty of a conference–since that’s where everyone’s going to be going to make sense of the firehose of AWS announcements anyway.

We’re putting together a few special things. To learn more and get in touch, please fill out this form: